Support the program


  1. Spread the news/program in your family, friends or community.
  2. Encourage out of school youth or adult to join the program and finish his/her secondary studies.
  3. Donate reading or  Information and Communications Technology materials for additional learning aids.

2 Responses to Support the program

  1. Ricardo M. Tejeresas says:

    “I’ m so thankful of the full support of City government through the City Mayor and the DepED division to the program. This will be another avenue for our least and lost kababayan to complete their basic education (A&E) ”

  2. Astudent says:

    Amazing! Thank God. Meron nito! God bless your work po. Hope magpatuloy ang team ALS para sa mga kabataang nangangailangan ng pag-asa, na matapos ang nasimulang edukasyon..
    Like me ^_^,..

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